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Lucky number 7: Bilbo 9’1 The Wave Wizard Surfboard

Yes, I went all self-indulgent again and decided to reward my BSA/RLSS course efforts with a new board. I actually bought it mid-week, before I completed the course as I had been watching The Seedling (one of Thomas Campbell’s fine surf films), and was digging all the nose-riding and old skool moves. So I officially went loooooooong and nipped down to the Bilbo Surf Shop in Newquay and made my 7th board purchase: a lovely Bilbo 9’1, double concave, single fin longboard with wooden veneered insets and collar, a real beauty!

Luckily enough I passed my Beach Lifeguard and BSA Level 1 Surf Instructor course (more on that later), so the reward was completely justified!

Below are a couple of pics from Bantham with me and the Wave Wizard in full stoke!

Me and the Bilbo 9'1 at Bantham

Me and the Bilbo 9'1 at Bantham (again)

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