Haven’t updated for a while as been too busy having the crack! Am now up in Maine, New England having a blast!

We drove up 550 miles up the east coast on Thursday. Unfortunately hitting traffic in the DC area and also managing to get lost in the Bronx. So by the time we arrrived in Maine it was 3am, 11 hours after we left DC. But it was all good on the basis that it is all a new adventure and experience.

New England is very similar to Scandanavia, the landscape, the architecture and the climate, although it is at a far more southernly latitude. The water here is cold man, 8 degrees at present, making the water in San Fran look tropical!

I met up with a friend of Elise’s family the other day, a cool guy called Adam. He’s originally from New York, but lives here in North Yarmouth now. He is classic, super stoked to be in the water all-year-round and the kinda guy who you can talk about surfing with all day long! We hit the water at Higgin’s Beach yesterday at 6am, after a 5.30 rise. The sky was blue, the sun was out and it was generally one of those morning’s where you are just digging the whole being alive experience. We met one of his mates out in the water, I don’t recall his name, but nice chap too! So the 3 of us traded waves and generally had a nice time! I was back at the ranch by 9am, with the whole day still ahead of me!

It is great when you have those early morning experiences, as you just feel so much more alive, and when the water is onyl 8 degrees celcius, you soon feel awake when you get one on the head!

I took Elise out in the arvo for a surf lesson down at Scarboro beach, she has the potential to get good, but just needs to keep trying at this stage, although for a girl to be in the water at this time of year is respect enough. The waves were clean in the afternoon, with the wind going offshore and the water turning glassy, I guess the only thing that could put a beginner off yesterday would be the fact that it was cold, overcast and freezing in the water!

Today it is brighter, but still kinda cold, off to the gym in a while and then maybe a walk in the fresh air!

To all the boys back home, hope you are enjoying the blog, and didn’t realise that I sounded like a hippy, funny! Will be back on the 7th June (appox.), so get those brews pumping and the BBQ ready!

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