Inundated with photos

In the age of digital imaging it is all too easy to snap a photo and before you know it, become inundated with hundreds, if not thousands of photos.

At best, some photos might find their way on to Instagram and at worst, become forgotten on a hard disk or buried in your smart phone’s camera roll.

Rio de Janeiro Street Art

A few year’s ago I was in Rio de Janeiro and saw this piece of striking street art. I took a quick snap with my old iPhone 6s and it’s been sitting on a hard disk ever since.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to print more photos, whether that is to add to a photo book or hang on the wall.

The journey from digital to print

Here’s the fruits of a few hour’s labour: the journey from hard disk into Adobe Lightroom, onto A3+ paper, into a frame and onto the wall! I’m pretty pleased with the results.

Unfortunately I don’t have the details of the artist, otherwise I’d credit him/her!

Blue-haired mushroom lady from Rio de Janeiro
A piece of striking street art from Rio de Janeiro, captured on my old iPhone 6s
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