So I have been up here in Salvador for about a week now and I think the place might finally be growing on me. To be honest I think I was spoiled in Rio with the waves, the great sunshine and the quality ‘death set’ crew I met in Rio, but anyway…

For the past week the weather has been a mixture of intense rain, crazy humidity and grey skies, interspersed with some nice sunny spells. The surf has been fairly crap, but I have been out 3 times none-the-less (once at Stella Maris and twice at Farrol da Barra).

Yesterday I was out surfing after some pretty heavy rainfall in the morning and the sea reminded me of the time when Sulli and I paddled out at Kuta beach, Bali after a heavy storm. The water was full of floating rubbish, pretty nasty, but not as nasty as when I happened to paddle passed a condom. At that point I was thinking f*ck this, but persevered and got a couple more rides.

I think the turning point in my attitude towards Salvador was tonight. I returned to the same break just before sunset and got a couple of reasonable rides. The sun was setting behind the lighthouse and the water was sparkling and I had one of those surfer moments when you are just out back taking it all in (and wishing I had a camera).

So the verdict is still open on Salvador, hopefully it will be a nice day tomorrow and me and Elise can maybe hit the beach and hopefully get some waves. On another plus point, I hit the shopping centre tonight and managed to pick up 2 new pairs of board shorts for  £25, all good!

More to come…

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