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Sennen Cove to Land’s End

Land's End Headland Looking South

A surf pilgrimage

This weekend Luke and I drove 500+ km down to Sennen Cove for our annual UK surf trip.

Over the past few years we’ve got into a bit a a lazy habit of just going as far as North Devon. This year we wanted to try something different and go somewhere new.

So we decided to go as far south and west as possible and stay in the small coastal village of Sennen, just a few miles from Land’s End.

A bit of a gamble

As is much the case when you travel anywhere to surf in the UK, it is a bit of a gamble.

This year was no different. We had a mixed bag of sunshine and some heavily overcast days. But we also bagged three days of offshore winds and clean surf from 2-5ft.

We managed to pack in about 10 hours in the water over three days, with our final day consisting of a three hour morning surf, a 10km round trip walk to Land’s End (and back) and a final hour in the surf in the evening.

Aerial photos

Below are some of the shots from our coastal walk to Land’s End. Shot on my Mavic Pro drone and edited in Adobe Lightroom.


If you like any of the shots, step over to the store where you can download a hi-res version for a very reasonable price!

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