I awoke on our second full day in Massaguacu to see desmonds out front and had a pretty good feeling that there might be a wave to be had up the coast somewhere.

I convinced Rosana that I had to get to a surf shop asap so we spent the morning hunting down a new surfboard. Before travelling to Brazil, I had checked out a place called Breeder surfboards (more on the cool folk at Breeder later on), based in Massaguacu. It turned out that is was only a 20 minute walk up the coast road, or a 5 min drive. Rosana’s mum leant me her car and I cruised on down with Rosana to check out what they had. After looking around and seeing some nice boards, we decided to go to Lagoinha up the coast to see a few other options (it is always good to see what the options are).

After going to 3 shops I bought a second hand 6’3 fish (with leash, board sock, fins and wax for £130.00). This wasn’t exactly the board I wanted, I should have gone for a more versatile fun board, but I was so desperate to surf that day that I bought it.

The afternoon was spent at Lagoinha testing out the fish in the 3-4ft surf. I got a few nice waves and was stoked to be back on the board.






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