WAVES for Development creates life-enriching experiences in coastal communities through Educational Surf programs. These programs help develop local youth into healthy & empowered adults. They also engage travellers & transform their world view and appreciation of local issues. WAVES relies on volunteers, contributors and charitable donations to help deliver these programs.

WAVES is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt public charity in the state of New York, USA. Additionally, WAVES is a formalised not-for-profit association in Peru and Switzerland.

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Local kids gettings stoked on WAVES

Photo © copyright WAVES for Development

My plan

In October 2010 I am taking two months off work and travelling to Lobitos in Northern Peru to help WAVES with the program. In the run up to my trip I am trying to raise funds and awareness for WAVES. That is where YOU come in.

How you can help

Please help support WAVES by making a donation. Your money goes directly to WAVES (it doesn’t fund my trip) and helps them continue to carry out their important work within the communities of Northern Peru.

Here is what your donation can do:

  • $20 – The price of sponsoring an English class
  • $25 – The price of a surfboard leash for Educational Surf programs.
  • $50 – Funds a community art project that provides a healthy outlet for youth
  • $100 – The price of a wetsuit for Educational Surf programs.
  • $200 – Supports the maintenance, storage & replacement of equipment & supplies for 1 month
  • $500 – The cost of 1 year of participation in Educational Surf programs

All donations are greatly appreciated, no matter how small the amount is. Donating through First Giving is simple, fast and totally secure.

Many thanks for your support!


Make a donation now!

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