Last night me and the crew went into Shopping Barra and dined out at a place called Pampa Grill. The idea is that you pay a set price and then you can eat as much as you want. The food was fantastic, all kinds of meats, fish, salads, sushi etc. By the time we had finished we were completely stuffed.

Today Chad and I checked out the surf, but it was a bit lame, so we headed off to our local acai haunt and chilled out for a bit with our daily dose. The cafe is affiliated to the surf shop next door, so after we had finished our acai we popped into for a look. I saw a fantastic looking 6’0 Fish and just thought to myself, I gotta have it, so I made a purchase and kitted the board out with some tasty twin fins, a leash and a board sock. 30 mins later I was out front trying out the new board.

I was loving the responsiveness of the fish, you can really throw it around and get some really tight turns in. The fin box has the potential for quite a few different set-ups: the standard retro twin, thruster, quad or even as much as a 5 fin set-up.

Anyway, all in all another amazing day in Rio to add to my list, happy times!

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