It is my 6th day in DC today and surprisingly, I am feeling a little homesick. I was talking to the DOG on MSN this morning and realised I miss my buddies. It is strange this time around as when I was here before, everything was new and DC was part of this exciting world tour. This time around I feel different, I am not sure in what way, maybe it is beacuse I have a certain degree of familiarity with everything now, I am not sure. Also feeling a little alientated here at the moment. I am hoping things will improve over the next few days, and I can get out a bit more and see the city a bit more etc. Might be meeting up with Dru and Chris, so that will be fun!
It also makes me think to whether I would ever fit in if I moved to the States, I am not so sure now, hopefully I will have some better stuff to report soon!

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