DC update…

Well after this morning’s rather negative post, I went around town and took some nice pictures. The light has been fantastic for the past few days, the kind of light you only seem to get in the onset of autumn (or Fall, for our American counterparts) with the fresh cool air and the clear blue skies. Here are a few pics (the rest are on my flickr account) for you all to check out. Hopefully Elise will let me take a few of her soon as well so I can show her off to everyone. And yep she continues to rock my world, to coin a very cheesy phrase!!!








2 thoughts on “DC update…”

  1. I actually threw up …… on myself!

    You are a sad sad man Ben. Did nobody teach you to feel but not say, aren’t you supposed to keep your bird guessing during the early stages of a relationship? Surely no girl wants a love sick clinger?

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