I depart for Brazil tomorrow with my (Brazilian) girlfriend Rosana. It has been 2 years since I was last there and I am already stoked to be going back. This time will be very different. It will be my first visit to Sao Paulo (where I actually get off the plane) and I will be staying exclusively with local Brazilian people (Rosana’s famiyl and friends).

I can’t wait to get into the surf again, without having to wear a wetsuit. I will also be seeing (in part) my first Brazilian Carnaval, which is an experience in of itself.

I’ve been avidly checking the webcams and it has been pretty consistent on the line of coast north of Sao Paulo up to Rio (Costa Verde). I will be making a new board purchase soon after I arrive (lucky number 5) and have already got my local lingo sorted: Eu gostaria de comprar uma nova prancha de surfe cara!

Here are a few pics from the latest webcams to whet your appetite.

See you out back!







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