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Flats, fines and food…

Today was our first full day in Bali, and we awoke to a beautiful day, with light winds and clean surf. We headed down to breakfast in the beach-front restaurant, and then popped in the sea at Legian beach for a quick sruf.

After that we took our little Suzuki jeep over to the east coast and headed to Nusa Dua. The surf was pretty small, so we decided to nip across to the Hyatt reef where Sulli and undertook our first attempt at a proper Balinesse reef break.

We then had the unfortunate luck of getting a flat on our jeep, so we had to get some help from the local partol guys. They were stoked to buggery when we gave them a 50,000 RP tip for their help.

We then headed down to Ul Watu, a legendary surf break, which also has a beautiful Hindu temple. Unfortunately the wind was in the wrong direction and the surf was pretty pants, so we headed back to Legian for a cheeky evening surf.

On the way back we got stopped by the police and got screwed for doing a wrong manoever and got fined.

On our return to Legian, we nipped in for a evening surf, but the weather had come in, so it was pretty messy, still got a couple of rides.

Tonight we have been out to Indo-national, a great Aussie-owned restaurant, we both had a feast and a few beers and the total bill came to about 17 quid.

So all continues to be sweet in Bali, the people are amazingly friendly and polite, our hotel is fantastic and all we need now is a little cleaner surf and a little more sunshine and the stoke will be in full effect.

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  1. Your endeavour to find the perfect wave reminds me of the saying “Reach for the stars, you won’t always bring one down, but at least you won’t come up with a handful of mud.”
    Stay wild and stay true to the dream surf boy! In the words of the lads from Blue Juice “Ma-Ka-Hee-Kee! It’s coming!” Ok that could all be a load of bollocks….but one thing’s for sure- can’t wait to see you babe!xxxx

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