Well my final day in SF was spent driving down the coast to Half Moon Bay, where I stopped to check out Mavericks, California’s big wave spot. I didn’t attempt a paddle out, as it is notoriously sharky, rocky and the break is 1 mile out to sea. I did however surf on the beach at Half Moon Bay, next to the break water on the harbour. Got a few good mini rides, so stoked about that!

I also went in search of the Jeff Clarke surf shop, and was hoping to meet the guy himself, but no success! Concillation though, was on return to SF, I cruised down to Ocean beach to be greated by a fresh 13ft groundswell, albeit rather messy, with 6-7ft faces and thick walls. I managed to get a few rides, but also got a complete pounding. I took comfort in the fact that every other surfer out there was receiving the same rag doll treatment. Got it is scary when you don’t make the drop and can just see the dark pit 8ft below you, feeling like you are stepping on the edge of a cliff!

Spent the evening having a couple of glasses of wine and some pizza with my mate Stacey and her next door neighbour.

Tomorrow I fly to Chicago and then on to DC, if I have the energy I may even make one last trip to Ocean Beach in the morning to get my last USA surf in!

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