Beej and I had a great time down in Newquay for a few days surf. The weather on Tuesday was amazing: sunny skies, light offshore breezes and a decent 3 ft wave to glide along.

I spent 3 hours solid in the water (overdoing it as usual) and then got out absolutely exhausted (I had got up at 4.45a.m and driven 6 hours to Cornwall). In the evening we chilled with a few bows and some fish and chips and then checked out the sun setting over Fistral beach.

The next day started off sunny, but then progressively clouded over. We hit the water in the morning and although the swell had dropped off and the water was a little cooler we still got a few rides. We then chilled out on the beach for a while and then hit the water again in the evening for another couple of hours. By this time the swell had dropped off again, but we still had a good time.

That evening we hit up the Indian Summer and got stuck into a hearty meal and a few beers to reward ourselves for our efforts. The rest of the evening was spent watching about 10 minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark, before passing out for a well-earned rest.

We returned on Thursday and faced a mammoth 6 hour drive, which went relatively smoothly, until we hit the M25 and got stuck as per usual.

All in all, it was a good mini break, although I would have liked the waves to be a little bigger and more consistent, but good times all the same. There are a couple of snaps below from the trip.

Fistral Beach sunset Fistral Beach sunset Fistral Beach Fistral Beach


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