So Beej and I are heading off to the South West tomorrow for a couple of days mid-week surfing in and around the Newquay area. The weather is immaculate at the moment, with pristine blue skies, warm sunshine and a light easterly breeze (offshore for the South West). The surf report says approximately 3-5ft @ 10 seconds which (to non-surfers) that means probably knee to waist high waves. Nothing to write home about but there should be a fun, clean wave to be had all the same.

I spent the best part of Sunday getting my quiver in order. Dings have been fixed, fins and leashes have been cleaned and everything is ready to go. The next task will be deciding on which boards to take: 8’2, 6’8, 6’4 or 6’0 (plus Beej’s 6’2 UB fish), decisions decisions.

We are camping it, nothing confirmed yet, just a bit of see what turns up really, plenty of options and the weather will hopefully be on our side.

I was sitting on the train this morning getting excited and smiling (in a carriage full of grey commuters) as I started to visualise the feeling of being out in the surf again: the water, the smell and taste of the sea, the sunshine, the rhythm of the ocean, altogether making for a stoke-filled experience.

Early start tomorrow, leaving Essex for 5.30am, hoping to avoid London traffic and arrive for a lunch time surf, fingers crossed!

More news and pics/video soon…

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