We headed down to St. Augustine today and got to the main beach next to the pier about 2pm. On the way we stopped off at The Surf Station, a really cool surf shop just at the southern tip of Anastasia National Park. The shop was kitted out with everything surf-related you could imagine, from boards, to wetties, leashes, clothes etc. And the boards, whoh, did they have some beauties, I had my eye on a beautiful twin-fin fish, real retro styling with a wood laminate finish, if only I a.) had more money and b.) had more space in my coffin bag (only fits 2 boards), so I guess I will have to save up for that next time!

Anyway we got to the beach and were greated with some super small, classic Floridian chop, I thought they only saved this kinda mess for summer in the UK, but it would seem they get it here across the other side of the pond too! Dru chilled on the beach whilst I took a little run down the beach and did a few exercises. I then thought what the hell, I’m going in for a paddle, so I took the 6’4 in for a bit of a laugh. I caught maybe 5 waves today, nothing at all to even merit raising an eyebrow, but fun all the same and just great to be out in the ocean again. The water is around 25 degrees and the air temp was probably in the 80’s, so couldn’t complain, hell even the sun poked it’s head out for a while!

My session was cut short though, as I got this bad nosebleed, and you know that blood and sharky waters don’t really mix, so I though I had better get out of the water until I stopped bleeding. Florida is THE shark capital of the world apparently, they say most attacks are a case of mistaken identity, but that isn’t really concillation if you lose your arm is it!

The forecast for the week is pretty small, but hopefully I’ll manage to get something, fingers crossed! Sun supposed to come out over the next few days and temperatures around 85-100 degrees, hot, hot, hot!!!

On our way down to visit Dru’s sister in Orlando (where we are now), we stopped off at Aqua surf shop and checked out some of their gear. I had a little chat to the guy on the counter, the usual surf banter etc. There was a group of chicks standing behind him all listening in, as soon as they heard my accent, a mini-discussion erupted and there were smiles and giggles! Am loving the fact that people over here dig the English accent, I can’t see what all the fuss is about myself, but hey, it’s kinda different, so all good!

Anyway time to hit the hay!

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