Today I have spent the day chilling by the pool here in Winter Springs, Florida. The weather improved a little and even got a little sun. I took the chance to chill in the sun and also test my new snorkel and swim fins out in the pool, all good fun!

This evening Dru and I headed to downtown Orlando for a few beers. Unfortunately the city has relocated all the nightlife to down near the theme parks, so to say the scene was lame was a complete understatement, as it was shit! We had one beer and then managed to miss our turning on the freeway and end up paying for a load of extra tolls.

Anyway shit happens I guess. We are going to hit Cocoa beach tomorrow, hopefully get some sun and maybe even a wave, but the forecast is showing a 2.5ft swell at 5-6 seconds, which to put it in a nutshell is also crap! But hey, we will see, I got a few books and some tunes, so I will just cross my fingers for a sunny day and a chance to have a swim in the sea!

On a slightly more exciting note, I may get the chance to go up to Maine in a week’s time, we’ll see, watch this space!

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