Well a year has passed, I am still stoked on surfing and it is now the official countdown to our annual summer surf trip to Lee Bay, North Devon. The summer flatness awaits, and last year’s crew are of course going to be in full attendence:

  • BCE
  • BJC
  • Mr. L Reynolds

And this year we are joined by a surfer, who is simply known as The P Dog. The P enjoys nothing more than being cleaned up by a few rogue sets, that full-on, taking it on the head feeling, it is a dog’s world, and it wouldn’t surprise me if P dominates the line-up down at Croyde et al.

Me and BJC will be travelling down on Sunday 23rd, The Dog, with travel kennel and pedigree chum in tow, will be coming down on the train on the same day, and we’ll be joined by Lukey on Wednesday.

It should be a great trip, we have the tools: 8’2 (Mitch), 6’8 (General), 6’4 (Duke a.k.a Dominator), 4 Skims custom skimboard (Mini Mitch) and whatever bodyboards Luke decides to come with. We have swim fins, diving masks, snorkles, cricket bats, badminton stuff, it is all good.

We’ll keep you updated on the tour, may even shoot another video, just to keep the fans happy.

Peace from the east (of Anglia)

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