Been in the nation’s capital: Washington DC, now for nearly a week and had an absolute blast. Have been hanging out with Dhruva, Chris (Ride On) Cole (who I met over in SolCal), lovely Elise and the great folks over at George Washington University.

The nation’s capital is really cool, loads of nice architecture and monuments to check out, plus the weather has been beautiful since I have been here. Been on a bit of a party tip over the past few days with the GW crew, not got much sleep, but defo got some quality memories to take back with me to the UK.

Kinda developed a daily vanilla frap and blueberry muffin (courtesy of those nice folks over at Starbucks), well hell, it’s all good fun!

The yankees are still being the super friendly people that I am becoming used to, love the way that they all seem to go crazy at the English accent, funny!

Got myself kitted up with a top new bag this arvo and a nice snorkeling kit this arvo over at Costco, hopefully will get some diving action down in Florida over the next few days!

I am heading on down the coast tomorrow for a week on a road trip to North and South Carolina, Georgia and finally Florida, should be amazing, and weather looks pretty good (29-32 degrees for the next week)! Should be funny to check out the Southern accent, a la Forrest Gump!

Photos updated from past few days and ready to check out!

Now coming back to the UK somewhere around the 23rd May, instead of the 16th, all good, the party continues and will remember this world tour for the rest of my life…

Ride on!

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