So Elise, The Steinmanator and myself went to a secret spot today to try and find some surf. After 45 mins in the car we came across a lovely little spot. Unfortunately the waves weren’t all that, and to make matters a little worse, I managed to lose my brand new surf gloves that I bought yesterday. I was absolutely steaming about that, but I guess you have to just roll with that shit!

I am due to go back home in 1 week, back to the grey, cold and expensive rip-off Britain that I have missed so much, not! Oh well hopefully it will be summer and I will score some waves in Devon next month, it will be cool to introduce The General and The Duke to The Mitch, a family of 3 is all good!

PS: I would just like to say a MASSIVE thanks to Adam for being a cool surf buddy and showing me around!

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