A few days ago, I fancied a change of scene for my surfing and jumped across to the other side of the Farol to surf the little point break that was working just right of the rocks. The waves were pretty small, but clean and it was a very mellow paddle out. In the end I only caught one wave and then paddled in to make the quick walk down to the main Farol beach.

On my way in I managed to step on a sea urchin, which I can tell you, isn’t the most enjoyable experience.  I headed up the rocks and then over to the main beach and surf a little more.  On returning to the apartment I found I had 4 spines stuck in my foot. I spent the next hour trying to get them out with a pair of scissors, tweazers and a few deep breaths. In the end, with a little help from the misses, I was fixed up and ready to enjoy another chilled out evening.

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