LA was really good to me, apart from in the waves department, they sucked and were 1 ft, nearly double over ankle!

I met a few cool crews in LA, surfy Adam, Faye and Ben, James and the Irish girls! I had a nice time and headed down to Santa Monica Beach, Venice, Malibu and generally cruised around in my hire car!

I headed out to Sunset Strip one night, which was cool, so many colourful characters, all so different and lots of the wildly fucked up in one way or another, funny!

I also made it down to the famous Avenue of the stars, again so many crazy things to look at and absorb, LA really is just like you see in the movies, a classic stereotype of itself!

It was really nice to check out LA and the crew at the Orbit Hostel were really nice and friendly, more good memories and stories to tell in later years!

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