This morning Chad and I interviewed the 8W surf crew on the beach and got loads of good footage of the guys out in the surf. We then hit the surf about 12.30pm and did a solid session for a few hours. Chad then got out of the water to have a breather, and as I was about to head in, Yanis paddled out, so I surfed for another 2 hours solid.

I am now absolutely knackered after 4-4.5 hours (back-to-back) in the water, but it is a good kind of tiredness, a feeling of achievement. I also got my first cover-up/barrel today and had plenty of opporunity to practice turns, holding the rail and all sorts of other manoevers. All in all a positive day after a shaky start thinking about girls and stuff.

This evening we are gonna play a little cards, drink a few bevies and maybe pop round to the fav to interview the surfers again. I am looking forward to putting together the new DVD when I get back, hopefully I will be able to top the WST06 effort from last year!

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