A good day out at East and West Runton…

Richie and I made the journey up to Runton yesterday to get involved in some classic chop. The faces ranged from 4-6ft, with a definite “bobbies” element to the lineup. I managed to catch maybe 5-6 waves and endured a few wipeouts, one of which was kinda hardcore. I was cruising down the face and suddenly lost my footing. I hit the water so hard it felt like concrete, and sounded like a rather sharp punch to the side of my head. I came up a little shocked, shook it off and then returned to the lineup.
We managed 3 hours of surfing and then hung up our wetsuits and retired to the confort of the pub over in West Runton.

We supped on a couple of pints and relaxed in the sun for a few hours, all good. We then hit cromer pier, armed with fish and chips. It was a chilled evening, with the sun low on the horizon, but defintely warmer than when we had left that morning in the pouring rain.

All in all a good day out, and much better than 50% of the population who would have been sitting on the arses on the Sunday afternoon doing the nation’s favourite sport, slobbing out!

3 thoughts on “A good day out at East and West Runton…”

  1. yeah, the chop-shop was definitely open for business down at Runton. I don’t know what was more scary; the 6ft face or Ben falling asleep at the wheel on the cruise back. Still, thanks to MacDee’s recycled chicken skin slurpies, we kept the Sand Man at bay (just a shame it couldn’t help the sand round the balls, man)… So a Big thanks to the B-boy for sorting a chilled weekend. Always nice to “Let off some steam Bennett”… Until then, via con dias!

  2. There are growing numbers of surfers and a finite number of suitable waves. In Cornwall, as elsewhere, angry confrontations spark up between local surfers and newcomers. For those locals who cannot afford to buy a home, the mere presence of BMW-loads of City weekenders surfing their secret spots is a provocative act.

  3. Mmm, so Mr. Johhny Deep, that quote looks familar (remember seeing that in one of the papers 2 or 3 weeks ago). Anyway are you trying to get a conversation about localism and crowded breaks going here?

    I say the breaks are for everyone, there is no such thing as ownership. Mutual respect for people and the environment combined with wave etiquette goes a long way man. Anyone who gets stressed over the waves we have in this country should get their head examined.
    Last time I checked, my car was a 1.2 Renault Clio worth about £1000, hardly a slick beermer, and I am not sure if living in backwater, rural Essex makes me a city weekender…


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