So I have been doing a little research into possible places to go and check out for 2007 and (very rough) list is looking something like this: Maine (USA), Winnipeg (Canada), British Columbia, Oregon, San Fran, Dan Diego, Baja, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru and then Salvador da Bahia (Brazil).

I am hoping some of you lot might want to join me this time around, as Sulli was the other one last year with enough balls (and cash I guess) to come to Bali for reef inspection.

So boys, there are plenty more reefs for you all to get up close and personal with, so why don’t you go outside the box and come on the tour, if not the whole thing, then at least a leg. Dru, Chris Cole and Sulli have mentioned an interest, all good!

PS: Sulli is right about that shirt in the photo, I love the skin tight look, and that shirt is one of a kind, made by mumma circa. 1983, the year of high fashion.


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