World Surf Tour 2007

So I have been doing a little research into possible places to go and check out for 2007 and (very rough) list is looking something like this: Maine (USA), Winnipeg (Canada), British Columbia, Oregon, San Fran, Dan Diego, Baja, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru and then Salvador da Bahia (Brazil).

I am hoping some of you lot might want to join me this time around, as Sulli was the other one last year with enough balls (and cash I guess) to come to Bali for reef inspection.

So boys, there are plenty more reefs for you all to get up close and personal with, so why don’t you go outside the box and come on the tour, if not the whole thing, then at least a leg. Dru, Chris Cole and Sulli have mentioned an interest, all good!

PS: Sulli is right about that shirt in the photo, I love the skin tight look, and that shirt is one of a kind, made by mumma circa. 1983, the year of high fashion.


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  1. In the light of yesterday’s post, just wondering how you intend to offset the carbon emissions from your journey? Oh it must be great to have such a blinkered world view… (and wealthy parents)

  2. Haha, nice to see that “Jonny Deep” is back with another quality comment.

    Good point, planes do burn up quite a bit of carbon huh! Oh well, do a little here, lose a little there I guess…

    At last check the £9000 i spent on my last surf tour was earned by me working f*cking hard, no parents helping, no credit card, just me earning a crust. Oh I work from home too, so I don’t even burn any carbon getting to work, I don’t have any lights on in the day, I don’t print off anything, everything is digital…

    Also my parents aren’t wealthy…

    If you are going to post here, at least have the balls to write your own name, rather than posting the odd thing under a gay psydonym…


  3. Ben, you smell even the hint of critisism and you charge like a bull to a red rag, be calm my brother! Johnny Deep has a point, your travelling extravagence is costing us ozone, I suggest you drive overland the 5,000 miles from rural essex to Baja in a clapped out VW van which has been converted to run on used chip fat, would make for an interesting documentary and talking of Essex, would give you that Harlow scent.


    How on earth did you fritter away that amount of money in such a short period of time? Most people could go travelling for at least a couple of years on that amount.

    Are all your surfboards lined with diamond encrusted platinum? Did you have a private helicopter fly you to the reef? A bevy of international models hired to throw rose petals at your feet?

    I apologise, it is your money after all and you’re fully entitles to spend it however you wish. I’m just a little dumbstruck that you worked so hard and saved up so much to spend such a short period of time away from home. I take it that you could only afford to go for 4 months because you had to come back and pay the mortgage?

  5. Hey Charlie,

    Yes I didn’t quite think it would be that much when I planned it, costs were something like this:

    All flights, hostels etc – £3000
    Insurance – £150
    Transfers – £100
    Car hire in LA, San Fran, NZ, Bali, DC – £500
    2 new surfboards, coffin bag, 1 wetsuit, board shorts, shoes, t-shirts etc – £1500
    Fiji holiday – £800
    Bali holiday – £300
    Spending money on food, drink and partying – £3000

    Probably missed a few things, but that’s about it. I thought, well I earned the money, and ain’t staying in any sh*t pits, so do it in style, and that’s what I did and it was amazing, and that’s what I will do again next year.


    PS: The women were free, well alomst, you always nearly have to buy them a drink or two, sometimes it was the other way around 🙂

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