Found out today that the ASP Pro Tour is heading to Bells Beach, Australia the same time as I am going to be there. No it doens’t mean I will be entering (on this occasion) haha, but it does mean I will be able to hopefully catch some of the world’s top surfers doing their stuff.

Would be great to get some of the guys to sign my board(s), we’ll see! Only 9 days now, now that is hardcore, not long till I am back where I belong, sitting on my board, out back, contemplating life in the green room (my office away from home).

It was my best bud’s bday yesterday, we all went out for a bit of a meal at Pizza Express and then on to that shit hole JR’s. I managed about 45 minutes there, then had to get out, on the basis that the music is like pollution to my ears.

Then embarked on the 4 mile walk back home. Was kinda interesting, I had my iPod to keep me company, and it was a clear night, so the stars and moon cast blue light on the fields. It was a bit spooky and also beautiul at the same time.

Anyway best crack on with some work…

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