3 weeks and counting

3 weeks today and I will be getting ready to step on a plane to begin my World Surf Tour, I am getting very excited about it, although trying to stay focused as I have 3 more web sites to complete in little over 2 weeks.

Training is going well and I have managed 7 days in a row down the gym, the idea is to get as fit as possible for surfing, you can never do too much prep!

3 thoughts on “3 weeks and counting”

  1. Day 8 – New Week – 60 min Cardio – CORE

    6.45 ko – Early kick off tonight, Hopefully Ben will turn up on time unlike the last few days.

    Core training has been forgotten recently so, a new week and the resurrection of the old favourite.

    If I dont look like a WWE wrestler by the end of Feb I wont be happy!

    Nappa 14.06pm 09/01/06

  2. Hey sexy surfer boy,
    Feel incredibly flattered to be so widely featured in your weblog! Really hope you make it to Melbourne, so that I can show you a good time….not long now till you leave babe!!
    Take care and enjoy the waves. xxxxx

  3. In the words of the boys from Blue Juice “ONE LIFE- NO FEAR”!!! Take up every opportunity that presents itself…no matter how wild it may seem at the time, avoid ladyboys and make sure u get yo’ fine ass down to Melbourne…..and I promise you one wicked adventure.

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