As I sit in my office, sipping on a cup of tea and munching on a toasted hot cross bun, I just noticed it has started to sleet outside. What a contrast it will be when I jump on that plane in 25 days.

Sulli and I are booking up our Bali leg of my World Surf Tour this week. We have decided on the Melasti Beach Resort in Legian, very close to some of Bali’s top-notch surf breaks.

It’s funny a few weeks ago I was convinced the Nagigia Island (Fiji) leg of the tour was gonna be the pinnacle, but Bali now looks like a hot contender. In all honesty, I think every second of this tour will be absolute quality.

Apart from the guys (Slater, Machado, Dorian, Gerlach, the Malloys, Johnson) in the movies, I don’ t know anyone who is gonna live the dream! Am feeling lucky today, all good!

Who knows, if it the sleet turns to snow, maybe we’ll get enough for me to break out the 1080’s and ride a little swtich before I head off!

Ok back to work!


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