So it is only just over a week to go until I jet off to Brazil. I am starting to get excited about the trip and have been getting things slowly organised.

One thing that did surprise me this afternoon though was the flight duration. I was checking my itinerary on the BA website and was under the impression that my flight was about 10 or 11 hours max, this would seem a little optimistic, as after looking a little closer I found out that it is 14 hours 15 mins. Although I went around the world last year, I think the longest individual flight I had was only 10-11 hours, so 14 is really gonna test me I think. I will have the PB, iPod, several books and I guess a free bar on the plane, so I can just get some red wine inside me and fall asleep hopefully.

On arrival in Rio, the plan is to get transfered to the surf resort at Macumba, check-in to the surf-camp, visit the shaper, pick up my new board and then hit the beach and be in the water for midday. Current temps are about 33 degress, nicccccccceee!
Elise has been apartment hunting for me over the past week, and I should hopefully have a nice pad waiting for my arrival in Salvador.

I have been keeping a close eye on the surf cams for both Rio and Salvador, both of which are looking a bit flat at the moment, so hopefully we’ll be getting some swell coming through over the week or so.

Portuguese has been going well, hopefully I will have enough under my belt to at least order a beer and not get ripped off etc.
Countdown continues, off to Dirty Martini now for team drinks, bring on the weekend!

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