Cape Town

Well made it to Cape Town in once piece, the flight was fine, a few wife-beaters, some vino and a few sleeping pills, and I was chilling the beans. Woke up to sunrise over Namibia, pretty cool!

Touched down yesterday morning and greeted by Jen’s and Mike. The weather here is gorgeous, 34 is the high for today.

Got down to business yesterday and have bought a brand new Geoff McCoy 6’8″ tuf-lite surfboard, it was kinda love at first sight, saw it in the shop and it spoke to me, had to have it, so all good! Just need a name for it now.

Had my first Braai (BBQ) last night and generally hung out and had a good time with everyone.

Jen and Mike have this amazing parrot which just chats and chats, hilarious, impersonates mobile phones too, so you are never sure if it is the phone or the parrot, even does the ring tones.

Well today we are off to the coast to check out some possible surf spots and hopefully christen the new board. So until next time, hope you all are enjoying your 6 degrees back home, I’ll catch some sun and waves for you all!

All the best!

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  1. good to hear you touched down safe and purchased a new board – you gonna post some pics for the rest of us? Can i suggest one of you posing with the new family member. If there’s no one to take it for you, maybe you can strap a certain mini tripod to a tree? Enjoy your first surf – can i make a second suggestion? Thjat you do some night surfing? I hear head torches are especially useful… hehe, keep the posts comin’ brah – peace out! Pee

  2. hey babe,
    glad you are having a great time….I had a fun nite out with my mates for my b’day, maybe a few too many jugs of beer were consumed- but it’s all good! I’m so jealous of you being in South Africa, have wanted to go there for years…well enjoy- and I can’t wait to hear all about it. Loved your card by the way.

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