Surfing at Big Bay

Yesterday was amazing, took out the new surf board, who has been named The General, and went about 10 mins drive around the corner and got down to work. Big Bay is a nice little beach with rocks on either side and a magnificent view of table mountain.

Everyone says the water on the Western Cape is cold, and they are not wrong, it was similar to surfing the Gower back at the end of October, only that I was treated to blue skies and an air temperature of between 34-40 degrees.

I caught a few waves on the new board and am getting used to the shape and feel, the design is absolutely fantastic and is a real head-turner down at the beach. Caught up with a few of the surf locals out back in the green room, and all is sweet!

After the morning session, Jen and I cruised up the coastal road and drove up to Melkbos, stopping along the way to check out various surf spots, some nice breaks and no sightings of sharks as yet 🙂

We went out for sun-downers at Doodles last night and I managed to not only feature some chicken wings, but a whole seafood platter, making yesterday’s food intake consist of beef, chicken, fish, calamari and prawns, not so bad I think. Saw the most amazing sunset, have pictures, just need to upload when I get the time.

Anyway today is my 3rd day in CT and am off to the beach in a minute to get some more surfing in. The skies are blue and the sun is shinning, all is good!

2 thoughts on “Surfing at Big Bay”

  1. Well its -2 here and has been for the last 3 days, the big chill hath arrived, no sign of snow, just greyness, but thats what we live for here in the UK.
    Another fantastic #CCC morning sky, and im off to work, the traffic is awesome, so many cars on the road kicking up clouds of fumes that you wouldnt get to see in 35 degree of sunshine, I see the jealousy right now… Anyway, arrived at work in one peice all good, treated myself to a FAT bacon and cheese sandwich before getting down to some serious work of tax calculation rules when shipping to multiple countries and regions.

    All good in the hood, peace out!

    ps surfing… whats that?

  2. All I can say is….u lucky bastard!!! Ha ha…only joking- u deserve this well-earned break!

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