Well the past few days have been amazing. The weather has continued in amazing style, with full-on sunshine, blue skies and soaring temperatures up into the mid 30s.

I have been surfing again at Big Bay and am getting a good feel for the board now, managing to link some nice turns and pump the board to the max. Met a few more locals and an old boy (65-ish) who was styling out on the board.

Last night we were out at a place called The Blue Peter hotel. We rocked on down for late afternoon and watched the sun set with the rest of the crowd. The only difference is we turned up in the Chevie turning every head in the joint.

A few beers, jacks and a pizza later, I decided to go for a swim at sunset just down on the beach in front of the hotel. The water here in CT is about 11 degrees so it’s pretty chilly in just board shorts at 7.30pm.

Today we headed into Cape Town city centre and checked out the shops and restaurants. Again the only difference this time is that we road in on the Harley’s. It is pretty amazing cruising on the back of these hogs at 130 kph, awesome, even had the video camera out to film some of it.

So tomorrow is my last day in CT before I head off to Durban, we are heading up to Melkbos to Orca, a seasfood restaurant, where I will also be doing some surfing, before I jump on the plane to go and see the Avellini family tomorrow night.

Hope all is well with everyone back home and will keep you updated with everything that’s going on…

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