So Beej and I have got our sh*t all sorted, and just chilling now with a beer and pizza and watching a little bit of Twister, all good. Tomorrow is a 4am start, 5am on the road, hopefully in the water and catching some waves by 1pm.

Might be a while until I get online to update the blog, so to everyone who ain’t coming with us, well, unlucky.

P Dog, Lukey and Perrie, we’ll catch up with you guys on Sunday arvo and Monday, it is gonna be a quality week, lets hope the waves are there for us, fingers crossed.

Peace people, it’s time for a (Tesco Finest) cookie and tea break.

PS: Elise, not sure when I will next speak to you, but hope the hike went well, you were goo, and it was fun, catch up soon sweetheart x.

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