South America surf tour…

Inspired by my recent surf tour of the world, I am thinking about heading off again next year. I will escape the British winter again to hopefully head off to North, Central and South America. Rough idea of countries goes something like this:

  • USA
  • Baha (Mexico) – feature some Todos Santos, Cortez Bank, hook up with Mike Parsons, haha!
  • Costa Rica – Witches rock, hang with Robert (August) and Wingnut
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Argentina
  • Brazil

Mmm, lucky I am busy with the old web dev, looks like I am gonna need the finance. All good though, the dream is to basically surf as many places as I can before I am 30 years old. I have this thing where I write all the differnt breaks on my board bag, think I have got up to 50 destinations, world wide now. Will be kinda funny turning up in North Devon next week, where I am sure if there is any swell at all, people will be hustling over a 3ft slop, best I show them what I learned in Noosa, Fiji, Ocean Beach etc. No comparison really, even though the dominator crew (Mornington Peninsular crew) won’t be there, I will put in a good show for the crowd, haha!

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  1. Its funny, I remember not even a year ago on woolacombe beach where you were clambering all over a 1 foot wave with a bunch of spotty kids on foamies yelling “get of my wave… you Fcuk”

    The BJC didnt even want to get in such lame waters, Ellis my friend you did not want to get out.

    So a little more respect for those 1 footers and less of the world surf champ talk wouldnt go a miss 😉 We know where you come from…..

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