Good bye South Africa… hello Hong Kong…

I have just arrived in Hong Kong after a bit of a mission. I was up 5 a.m yesterday and flew from Durban to Jo’burg, then connecting through to Hong Kong for a cheeky 13 hour flight with a 6 hour time difference added on, just for the crack.

I had quite a bit of time to reflect on the plane and think about all the amazing things and experiences I had in South Africa, I would recommend it to anyone, it is such a beautiful and varied country, with some lakka surf spots!

I am sitting here in Sulli’s 12th floor apartment, overlooking the Hong Kong skyline. It is a beautiful sunny day and about 10-15 cooler than Durban, which is actually quite nice!

I think I may have a little kip in a bit and try and catch up on a little sleep, before I head into town later on and have a little look around the shops.

1 thought on “Good bye South Africa… hello Hong Kong…”

  1. Glad you arrived in Hong Kong safely hun…..just think, you’ll be here in Melbourne in less than a month. YAY!!! Hope you are taking heaps of pics, coz I’m dying to see some of the amazing places you’ve been too. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be really careful in Bali…..westerners are real targets there right now. Have a wonderful time in Hong Kong babe!

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