Well I made it up to my hostel up on Fort Mason just on the south side of the Golden Gate bridge. San Fran is beautiful, well from what I have seen out of my car window. Feeling a little more confident I decided to ditch the shuttle bus idea and just hire a car and drive up from the airport.

The hostel is nice, good people, great location and free wireless internet access, all good!

Tomorrow I am going to drive over to Ocean Beach and then try and get some surfing in, early start I think, as wanna make an all day event out of it. I am then gonna hopefully hook up with all work buddies Sabine and Stacey in the afternoon, which should be really cool.

On Monday I am hoping to head down the coast, maybe stop in at Half Moon Bay and see Mavericks, and then maybe head to Santa Cruz, loads of spots to surf down there.

If I have a cool enough time here, I may stay an extra night or 2 if I can change my flights, so far so good in SF, this place has good vibes written all over it!

Happy times!

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