Well yesterday proved to be another wild and varied day in little old Africa. In the morning I went to Uskaka marine world with my cousins Brandon and Jason. We had a wicked time checking out the different marine life in the aquarium, which is built inside an old ship wreck. We then went to the water park and got busy with some of the tube rides, great fun!

We cruised back in the evening from a hot sunny day down in town and drove straight into the eye of a huge electrical storm. When we got back to Sue’s in Winston Park I decided to go outside and film the storm. All was going well for the first 20 minutes, until the house was struck by lightening and the power tripped out. This was pretty scary. This was followed 1 minute later by a huge bang which kinda knocked me off my feet and my camera out of my hand. My camera got nicely scratched up, which is a bit annoying, but I guess there will now be a cool story behind the scars.

Anyway enough for now, 1 more week in Africa and then it is off to HK to party on my Sulli and Pappa!

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