Well the past 2 days have been a cracker. Yesterday was my first day down to the beach in Durbs, the surf was pretty messy, all onshore and mushy, but what the hell, went in for an hour or so and caught a few on the general. As I was paddling back in I managed to get a tentacle of a Blue Bottle wrapped around my arm, I only had a short sleeve rash vest on, so I got stung. I didn’t quite know what to expect, it felt like a bee sting, with some one pushing needles into my arm at the same time. My hand then went numb, and it was pretty sore for a couple of hours.

Last night I met up with my cousin Mark and met his kids. I last saw him back in 1982, so it has been a while. Had a few beers and generally caught up, it was nbice to hang out.

Woke up this morning and Sue drove me down to North Beach, Durbs, for a little surf season. Got there about 11.45 this morning, and was only supposed to be in the water for 1 hour. 4.30pm arrives and I came out of the water absolutely fooked…full on bobbies and stoked from the sweet rides I got.

The water temperature is about 25 degrees, so all you need is a pair of boardies and a rash vest to keep the sun off. The sets were 3-4 feet with a few 6 footers coming through, the water glassy and the wind cross/offshore. The crew were pretty hardcore and ranged from groms to an old boy of 65 who was styling on his longboard. Caught a few nice waves on the general and getting a good feel for the sharper turns you can pull on a smaller board, all good.

Mark picked me up at the beach and we drove home through a tremendous storm, water 2 inches deep on the roads, pretty hardcore.

Now just about to settle down to dinner and chill the f*ck down, as am absolutely knackered, but as they say, you can’t dance with the devil without getting a little toasty!

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