Today was a pretty sweet day. After celebrating our 1 year anniversary by dining out in style last night, Elise and I hung by the pool and read our respective books (to completion – happy times) and enjoyed the sunshine. Time managed to fly by as when I checked Elise’s watch it was 3pm and we had been out in the sun for 4 hours chilling by the pool. We both got a little burnt as the sun here is pretty ferocious, even though it is officially winter.

About 5pm I decided to go and check out the surf, as earlier in the day from the balcony of my 10th floor pad I could see some white horses out at sea, as if there was some outer reef working (there aren’t any outer reefs here, but I digress). I took the 6’0 (fish) down to the waterfront, to be greeted by about 30 other guys in the water, a beautiful sunset/moonrise and some sizeable surf (5ft faces on some of the sets). The wind was still a little cross shore creating a bit of a bump on the face, but I still saw some of the local crew getting some decent rides.

I surfed until it was too dark to see the sets coming through and was the last to leave the water. Hopefully tomorrow it will still have some size to it, as it was nice being out there and actually having to paddle over some of the bigger sets and think shit, I am glad I didn’t drop into that one.

Off to make dinner now and take in another chilled evening, Bahia-style!

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