I’m off for 2 weeks of surfing in 2 day’s time, and can’t wait. The first stop will be a week in Devon hanging out with the Lee Bay Massive (BJC, P-dog, Luke) and hopefully getting some serious wave, sun and relaxation time away from London and the office.

The second trip is to southern Portugal for a surf safari with Richie and the Extreme Holidays crew. Again hopefully we will get some sick waves, new experiences and loads of sunshine.

The weather in the UK has been shocking crap ever since I returned from Brazil. We have had the odd day of sunshine, but on the whole the British summer has been a complete and utter washout. We have had so much rain that half the country is under water and suffering from intense floods.

It will be nice to escape the crap and hopefully return refreshed and ready to enjoy what will be left of the summer.

My Brazil surf DVD is nearly complete, and I will be sending it out, as I did last year to all the nice people I met from around the world on my trip.

Other news, I got a new MacBookPro at work today, so the tried and trusted PB will be taking a back seat whilst I take it to the next level with the MBP.

I have been going mental down the gym, swimming at lunch time and then running and working out in the evening, all going well and I feel in good shape all round and hopefully that is gonna pay off when I hit the surf in a few days.

The Mitch mobile is back on the road after a hefty £800 refit, hopefully he’ll stay in one piece for me and Richie to drive down to Devon on Saturday morning.

Well that’s all for now folks, off to cook up some nice king prawns.

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