Today Mark and I did a solo mission in the morning over to Nusa Dua for some more reef-break action. The waves were ok over that side of the island, although there was a strong cross-shore rip. Unfortunately this kinda messed up the session as it made is 10 times as hard to surf the break and also knackered you out as you had to constantly paddle to maintain your position in the line-up.

After a frustrating morning surfing over on the east side, we made the trip back to Kuta and surfed the beach break again in front of our hotel. This was small and a little messy at first, but after a little while the wind turned offshore and I was surfing clean, glassy 3 foot waves with a nice Balinesse sunset out back.

We have one more full day here and will hopefully get some nice waves in and then maybe do a little shopping for gifts etc on Saturday before we head back to Hong Kong.

Bali is a wonderful country, with a varied countryside and lovely, welcoming people, I will head off to my next destination with many fond memories.

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