Yesterday Wanyo, Mikey and I went over to the East coast again and surfed the othe side of Musroom rock, this time on the right hander. The waves were peeling in quite nicely and the sets were about head height.

I got one of my best rides yesterday which ended up being about 100 metres along the wave, really tasty.

Today it is pissing down with rain, really heavily, so Mikey and I are going to head up to Ubud and are going to try out some white water rafting, it should be pretty extreme on the basis that there will be so much water in the river.

Tomorrow is my last day surfing, before I head on over to Hong Kong and then on to Oz. Hopefully I’ll get more sun over that side as the weather has been pretty damn shit here in Bali, but I guess that is why they call it the wet season!

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